“Brave exploration of
our hypersexualised world”


With Vincent Dance Theatre’s trademark black humour, VIRGIN TERRITORY takes an uncompromising look at what it's like for young people to live in an over-sexualised, digitally captured world.

Four adults and four children negotiate some uncomfortable truths about the culture we live in, where bodies are exposed, identities are faked and our deepest truths remain hidden.

Unflinching in its honesty and hopeful in its intent, VIRGIN TERRITORY is a heartbreaking, rallying cry from the ‘astonishingly original’ Vincent Dance Theatre (New York Times) to just let our kids be kids.

‘Charlotte Vincent is one of the most important feminist artists working in Britain today. Contemporary dance fans should beat a path to her door.’

VIRGIN TERRITORY picks up where VDT’s ‘admirably uncompromising’ (The Times) 2012 production MOTHERLAND left off.

VIRGIN TERRITORY will be performed live at Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales De Seine-Saint-Denis 2017, France on 27/28 May 2017.

VIRGIN TERRITORY is commissioned by The Place with support from Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. VDT is Associate Company at Brighton Dome and Festival, Artistic Partner with Yorkshire Dance and a National Portfolio Organisation, funded by Arts Council England.


Digital Production

VIRGIN TERRITORY launched in London at The Place in November 2016, with four nights of live performance. It has been filmed on location and remade as a bold immersive dance theatre experience for adaptable theatre and non-theatre and gallery spaces - available from May 2017.

We all want to be ‘liked’ and ‘followed’, but what impact does constantly performing for the camera have on our lives? The VIRGIN TERRITORY DIGITAL PRODUCTION asks vital questions of us as ‘audience’ as we witness children playing in an adult online world.

Exhilarating in its capture of movement, VIRGIN TERRITORY DIGITAL PRODUCTION leads you through a series of lyrical and disarming choreographic exchanges, performed on multiple screens by four adults and four children (aged 12-14).

Charlotte Vincent’s VIRGIN TERRITORY is a brave exploration of our digitally-captured , hyper-sexualised world. It elicits both an emotional and discursive response with moving and resilient performances by the young people at its core. 

‘This is a must for every teenage girl or boy’

Designed as a new way of sharing and ‘touring’ Vincent Dance Theatre’s work, VIRGIN TERRITORY DIGITAL PRODUCTION brings the audience closer to the work, inviting them to actively explore the subject matter and leave their own mark.

VDT’s VIRGIN TERRITORY DIGITAL PRODUCTION is available for touring from May 2017. To discuss how your venue could host the work, please email Sian Williams at sian@vincentdt.com

Get Involved

“It opened my mind to both sides of the situation and made me really think about the sexualisation of both boys and girls”

Engagement & Workshops

Throughout 2016/17 VDT are delivering VIRGIN TERRITORY WORKSHOPS with young people (14+) and adults to investigate the challenges that young people face as they forge their own identities in an image-complex world. The workshops reflect on how our hyper-sexualised, digitised culture is affecting young people and their sexual expectations, personal choices and relationships.

VIRGIN TERRITORY WORKSHOPS take place in a ‘staged space’ with participants responding to a series of craft based tasks and filmed sequences of the live work. These workshops are adaptable and can be modified to suit the needs of different groups.

Participant’s creative RESPONSES are encouraged and are being shared via VDT’s Flickr galleries. Other ‘user generated’ materials created in the workshops will tour alongside VIRGIN TERRITORY.

If you are interested in booking VIRGIN TERRITORY WORKSHOPS for your school or community group, please contact admin@vincentdt.com

WHY? Whats Happening for the Young Festival

#VDTEverydayAction Campaign

#VDTEverydayAction is a social awareness campaign on Twitter that runs alongside VIRGIN TERRITORY.

The campaign asks people to hand-write a hopeful, practical action anyone can do to challenge the pressures of everyday sexism and digital culture.

Take a look at the gallery to see what other people have contributed. To take part, write your action down, take a picture and tweet it to @VincentDT using the #VDTEverydayAction.

VDT’s campaign runs alongside Everyday Sexism, Object and iRights, to give voice to the growing concern around what is happening to young people.

Your text and picture files may be shared across VDT’s other social media platforms, including Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook.